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Alexa Rank – How Your Helping Us Reach Milestones

Alexa Rank

A websites Alexa rank helps show others its growth and success. Each and every time you view our site it increases our Alexa rank. This post has been done as a thank you to our dedicated fans in helping us reach higher ranks through this analytic tracking system.

Alexa is a strong system that tracks how many unique daily hits a website gets in a specific day. Not only does it track how many views a particular website to webpage is bringing in but unlike other analytic tracking websites an Alexa rank is your site compared to how the rest of the websites out there fare up to you. The more views a website gets above other websites can greatly improve an Alexa ranking.

We appreciate everyone for coming to our site and helping us to reach new milestones with Alexa and other traffic ranking systems. Without our viewers we would not be able to continue rolling out the content you enjoy reading. Just by visiting us each day you make it so that we can keep doing what we are doing. We wanted to make sure that our appreciation for you is not unnoticed!
Thank you for being a part of our growing journey. We thank you for your presence here today and hope that you continue to enjoy yourself here with us in the future. We will continue to work hard to bring you the quality content you expect to see from us. If you are interested in learning more about Alexa ranks or would like to start a blog of your own please scroll down to learn how Alexa can help you.

Without helpful tips like this on the web it would be hard for people to find success. We hope this information comes in handy to any aspiring website owners or anyone who might already own a website that wasn’t informed about how important of a tool a high Alexa rank can be for you.

Alexa Rank and Why It’s Important

Like stated above, an Alexa rank is how your website is doing compared to the rest of what’s on the web. It tracks unique visitors to your website and compares that number to unique visitors to other sites. From there it gives your site a number of where it ranks compared to the rest of the world. Why is that important? It’s important because it helps outside companies put a value on your online business or blog. The more unique visitors you get, the lower you Alexa rank will be and the higher your businesses value will end up.

A websites unique traffic is the primary way to tell how much a website is worth. The more traffic you have the more likely a ton of people will see ads that are displayed on your site. So the more people that visit your site is the higher ads will pay to be on your site. Things like the amount of time spent on a website and websites that are related to yours is also seen via the Alexa rank and important when placing an overall value on your online business. As your Alexa rank gets better the more valuable your website becomes.

When you use sites like Google, Amazon, Bing and Yahoo, for example; all of these sites have extremely good Alexa rankings. Other popular sites like Facebook and Twitter also have a great standing Alexa rank. These sites are of very high value and Alexa helps show you just how valuable these huge sites are.

Again, thank you for helping us reach new milestones with Alexa and other tracking services. Without you we wouldn’t be here. We hope this information has proven useful to you on your journey. We want each of you to feel as special as you have made us feel!

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