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The Favored Son – Interview with Author Catherine Chen

The Favored Son Author Catherine Chen

The Favored Son is a novel recently released by a talented new author. This is the first book author, Catherine Chen, has published. It’s an interesting tale that leads the reader on an unforgettable expedition. The Favored Son is a journey in which readers will gain a deeper understanding about traditional Chinese culture and how these ideals interact with personal life, family and American culture.

This novel follows a man by the name of Jason Chen. Coming from a Chinese immigrant family has its own challenges but the ground-breaking drama centered on the Chen family is something few can imagine.

Jason is the only son in a household of 5 daughters. Following traditional Chinese culture, he is the one in which the family showers with affection and financial help in hopes that he will bring honor to the family name. Although Jason hopes to make his family proud, the alluring life of crime draws Jason into becoming a con-man. Follow this gripping story of culture, morals and ambition while learning the devastating consequences choice make on personal health as well as those we love.

We had the luxury of speaking with the promising young author about her new book. Catherine Chen shared more details about her journey in writing The Favored Son as well as personal advice to those who aspire to write themselves. Chen sheds light on topics about her personal life, the process she took to complete The Favored Son as well as details on projects to come. Please check out our interview below for a deeper look into this awe-inspiring new novel.

The Favored Son – an Interview with Author Catherine Chen

Book Title: The Favored SonThe Favored Son by Catherine Chen
Author: Catherine Chen
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When did you discover your passion for writing?
Catherine Chen: Since I was a child.

In your opinion what makes a good story?
Catherine Chen: I feel great characters make a good story.

How many hours a day do you write?
Catherine Chen: It varies, but I tried to write one sentence if I have nothing to write that day.

Why do you write?
Catherine Chen: I enjoy story-telling

What motivational phrase helps guide you when you write?
Catherine Chen: Through writing, we can touch core societal beliefs and transform them completely.

When you were younger did you ever envision yourself publishing a book?
Catherine Chen: When I was a child, I always picture one day I want to write a children book for my puppy. (haha)

What is more important, proper sentence structure or a gripping plot?
Catherine Chen: For me, I always prefer a gripping plot first.

What is your favorite medium to write? (Novels, plays, scripts, poems, blogs, ect)
Catherine Chen: Novels

Do you have any favorite authors that you use as inspiration?
Catherine Chen: I don’t have specific authors, but I’m always inspired by certain books they wrote.

What is your favorite genre to write?
Catherine Chen: Drama, fiction. I’m outlining my second novel, which is action thriller.

Do you have any genres you stir clear of?
Catherine Chen: Dark drama

What is the most interesting thing you learned while writing your first book?
Catherine Chen: I didn’t know writing requires so much discipline and structure till I start writing my first book.

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