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This Awesome Isabelle Animal Crossing Cosplay Really Brings the Game to Life

This Isabelle Animal Crossing cosplay is the definition of what it means to be awesome. Cosplay is a huge trend in gaming, comics, movies and more that took the culture by storm. Fans of many different forms of entertainment have put together costumes of character some of which have been nothing short of breath-taking. This Isabelle Animal crossing cosplay is one of those moments that have fans hearts soaring.

Now it’s time to take a step back and honor this lovely lady for her effort in creating an awesome Isabelle Animal Crossing cosplay that not only captured the essence of the character but that also took the background the game and incorporated personal style to the familiar character. Take a look at model, actress, cosplayer and gamer, Sarah Spears, as she honors Nintendo’s hit simulation game in a really cool way.

Model Sarah Spears Social Media Profiles:  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Deviantart | Official Website

Sarah Spears – Isabelle Animal Crossing Cosplay

Sarah Spears Isabelle Animal Crossing Cosplay

The Animal Crossing series is hugely addictive. When Sarah was asked about her Isabelle Animal Crossing cosplay photoshoot she had plenty of wonderful things to say about Animal Crossing New Leaf, its fans and how the game affected her life.

“I chose to Cosplay Isabelle for a lot of reasons. First, I think she’s very cute and I love how she helps the player in so many fun ways.” Sarah continues, “Animal Crossing New Leaf was a game I played every day. I worked hard on making my town everything I had dreamed of.”

Sarah Spears Isabelle Animal Crossing Cosplay

We asked Sarah Spears about her town as well as her starting fruit,

“No, oranges aren’t my towns native fruit, apples were. In real life I do like oranges better though but that’s not why I did the photoshoot in the orange orchard.” Sarah laughed, “I did the photoshoot there because I live in Southern California and oranges are the easiest to find. Plus, this little orange orchard has the best tasting fruit. I knew it would be the perfect place to dress up and show my love for the game.”

Sarah Spears Isabelle Animal Crossing Cosplay

After we discussed Sarah’s Isabelle Animal Crossing cosplay feature she was glad to give out her dream address to anyone who wants to give her town a visit.

“I love visiting dream towns. I think it was a fun and inspiring part of New Leaf. Of course your readers can take a look. My town is very ‘me’ I tried to make it exactly how I would want to live if I actually lived in the game. I’ve played the game with some friends and have seen some pretty amazing towns. I just hope your readers think my towns just as cool as I know I’d think some of theirs are.” (laughs)

Sarah Spears Isabelle Animal Crossing Cosplay

Sarah Spears Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Address: 5200-4125-4501

You can find more photos of Sarah Spears and her Cosplay via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Deviantart, and her Official Website!

It was a pleasure getting to know Sarah after viewing her amazing Isabelle Animal Crossing cosplay. She is really down-to-earth and very appreciative of our recognition. She has even more great cosplay’s features on her website and social media pages. If you are interested please take a look at her other work. She loves showing off her fan hood to many different games and other forms of entertainment. She is as talented as she is kind. It was truly a blessing to work with Sarah.

This isn’t the first time this beauty has interviewed with us. You can access her official UpItHQ interview by clicking here. For more Cosplay articles, interviews and featured list of more great cosplayers please visit the cosplay section of our site by clicking here.

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