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Gears of War Movie Writer Hired – Project Moving Forward

Gears of War Movie Writer

Assassins Creed isn’t the only video game taking groundbreaking steps in the movie world. A Gears of War movie writer has been hired. Now, the movie based on the popular series can push along even farther. A movie based on Microsoft famed series has been talked about for some time but now, it’s been announced that Universal Pictures have found a writer for the job.

A man by the name of Shane Salerno has taken the pen to writing the movie for Gears of War. He was on the writing team for the avatar series and credits include the film Armageddon and video game, Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

With a new Gears of War movie writer, we still have yet to learn of who might direct the film. The Gears of War movie still has no official title. There are little to no details about what or who the film will be focusing on. More information about the plotline and when it’s set to premiere will come as the information becomes available. For now, fans should be happy to hear any new news regarding the film.

Gears of War Movie – History of Progression

Like stated above, a Gear of War movie has been on people minds since 2017. In October of 2016, Microsoft confirmed that the movie was in the hands of Universal. Fans actually learned that it was being produced. Originally New Line Cinema was set to work on the film before Universal took the reins.

When head of Gears of War, Rod Fergusson, spoke about the film fans were left to wonder what the picture might have in store. Rod confirmed that they wanted to produce the best Gears of War film as possible even if that means straying away from being 100 percent faithful to the video game series. This statement is both positive and negative because fans definitely have their hearts tied into the series how it is however what works well in a video game might not actually translate to the big screen in a favorable manor.

The video game industry has always attempted to have a presence tied in with movies. With that being said the industry collaborations haven’t always worked. With the Resident Evil series and Assassins Creed we are seeing bigger and better films adapted from video games. Hopefully Gears of War is able to play a substantial role in making the feared collaborations more exciting. Not only do we have Gears of War to look forward to on the big screen but PlayStations Uncharted series is also in the future. The console wars never stop do they?

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