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Logan Blu-Ray Release Date Revealed along With Special Feature List

Logan Blu-Ray and Special Features details

Logan Blu-ray release date along with the list of special features has finally boiled to the surface. Anyone who has yet to experience Hugh Jacksons last walk in Wolverines shoes will want this deal. This film was quick to becoming an audience favorite as it is the emotional end to the actors run as famed superhero plays out. Now, fans will be able to watch the Logan Blu-ray right in the comfort of their home. One top of that, the Blu-Ray offers special features that any fan wouldn’t want to miss.

Logan hits digital HD on May 16, 2017 and Blu-Ray later that week on May 23rd. The clever timing of the Logan Blu-Ray release date isn’t there just for kicks. Fans may already know the significance of the 16th with it sharing the release date of the special black and white screening titled Logan Noir. Those who don’t make it to the special screening have nothing to fear as Logan Noir is available as one of the special features on the Disc.
The list below detail some more special features those purchasing into Logan will have available to them.

Logan Blu-Ray Special Features:

  • Logan Noir – black and white version of the film
  • Deleted Scenes with option commentary from director
  • Making Logan – behind the scenes documentary
  • Audio Commentary by the director

Along with the Logan Blu-Ray release nose, Noir screening information and Special features details; we also get a peek as to what sort of exclusives specific retailers will offer with the purchase. Best Buy offers a collectors Steelbook. The Wal-Mart version of the film comes with a poster collection set of 9 featuring every X-Men film that Hugh Jackson took the claws of Wolverine in. Target is offering a 36-page photobook consisting of black and white stills taken from the film. These offers making choosing where to purchase the film extremely difficult as they are all desirable.

Get ready to sit back and enjoy Logan on Blu-Ray on May 23rd or Digital HD on May 16th!

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