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Adeles Birthday – Singer Celebrates with Funny Old Age Makeup

Adeles Birthday Old Age Makeup

Yesterday, was Adeles birthday! That’s right the famed singer turns another year older on May 5th each year. To celebrate this year, the singers 29th birthday she posted a tweet of herself in old-age makeup. It was a fun and hilarious way to show that even the brightest stars get older! This off-the-wall tweet was sure a pleasingly funny surprise for her fans.

The tweet celebrating Adeles birthday features four funny shots of the singer dressed in elder style clothing as well as in full old-age makeup. To go along with the tweet she writes, “Nearly 30! Thanks for the well wishes. See you soon x”

Adele has a since of maturity about her. Not only does she prove to be wiser beyond her years in her music but the class and sophistication can be seen from a mile away. Adele constant defies her young age and in the proudest way possible. It’s nice to see her poking fun at age in such a light hearted fashion.

Some are going as far as to think that these images are part of an artistic project. Fans are contemplating weather this set of photos is a gag to celebrate Adeles birthday or if they are in connection to the creation of a new music video. Regardless of the reasoning behind the photos, these shots was sure a way to brighten some fans day.

If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, they went live on Twitter yesterday for her birthday. We have the link to the Twitter post below for those hoping to catch a glimpse of what Adele may look like when she ages a bit farther past her late 20s. Now, it’s a wonder how this amazing makeup will compare to the real thing. I guess we will be waiting more than a few years to find out about its accuracy!

Adeles Birthday Pictures:

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