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Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games Ever… And it’s Not What You’d Think

best multiplayer games

When a modern gamer thinks of the best multiplayer games they have ever played many might think big. Games like Destiny, Rainbow Six Siege and Grand Theft Auto V have taken multiplayer to scales larger than one could have ever imagined. Multiplayer games have taken the center stage in modern gaming. With that being said, the best multiplayer games out there don’t have to be colossal l to be impressive. Check out our list of the most unexpectedly great multiplayer games of all time.

The games on this list are meant to honor different genres tastes. Each of the games that made our best multiplayer games list did so for specific reason. What each of these games have in common is, simple fun factor. Take a look at our best multiplayer games list below and find out which unexpected titles have nabbed brownie points for impressive multiplayer modes. That’s right, these games are not always talked about for their impressive multiplayer modes but that doesn’t mean that they don’t really pack a punch!

Unexpectedly Best Multiplayer Games in Existence

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

best multiplayer games conkers bad fur day

Everyone remembers that little perverted squirrel that got himself into a heap of trouble in Rare’s classic title, Conker’s Bad Fur Day. With a recent re-release of the title on Xbox One via Rare Replay, players got to experience Conker’s Bad Fur Day in all its original greatness. Some players were confused that Conker’s Bad Fur Day made a return rather than Conker Live and Reloaded. The main difference in these titles besides which console they released on and graphic quality was the change in multiplayer mode. When Conker Live and Reloaded released the multiplayer mode got a makeover to better fit in with Xbox Live players.

Anyway, Conker’s Bad Fur Day returned in Rare Replay and we couldn’t be more pleased. What the original release had was special. It was simple fun without through multiplayer different modes almost resembling mini games. The best multiplayer games on Conker’s Bad Fur Day were definitely the fulfilled Deathmatch and Heist. Unfortunately the multiplayer mode remain only split screen and you cannot play it online via Rare Replay. Regardless of how it has to be played this is the simple straight up fun multiplayer games grew with and that should be honored.

Gears of War

best multiplayer games gears of war

Okay, we know Gears of War is known for their multiplayer mode. A lot of players have already given the Gears of War franchise the best multiplayer games medal anyway but there is good reason for that. Gears of War had fun competitive multiplayer that forever kept the odds equal among players. There wasn’t a way for players to buy in more for a better character like Destiny and there wasn’t a reward system that gave players an advantage for logging in more hours like Call of Duty. Those two main points help push this modern video game into the running of being one of the best multiplayer games in existence.

What is highly appreciated about this title is that all players start together with guns scattered through the map. Each player starts with a similar enough loadout to make the odds very even. Games like Gears of War may be run and gun but because no one starts the match greater than another player in terms of weapon it forces teams to communicate, strategize and actually build skill in the game.


best multiplayer games Minecraft

Although not competitive at first glance and is arguable a cooperative mode, Minecraft has some of the best multiplayer you will ever get to witness. The glory of Minecraft multiplayer is that it puts player’s creativity to the test. You can do whatever you want to do with your friends inside a world of blocks. Players have gone as far as to create their own little competitive games or challenges within their world or work together to build magnificent creations. Minecraft is simply better with friends in so many different ways.

Minecraft multiplayer is one of the best multiplayer games of all time because there is limitless possibilities to what you can do as well as the actual objective of the game. Minecraft morphs into the game players want it to be based on their own creativity. When you play this game with friends, you can really create some unique things and have fun together. Minecraft is truly a masterpiece and its multiplayer functions help push an already great game to the next level.


best multiplayer games goldeneye

Goldeneye was the start of something huge. This first-person shooter title is a classic that really put the genre on the map. What really set Goldeneye apart from other games was its competitive multiplayer mode. In this mode, players got to choose a classic Bond character and be placed in an awesome map and take each other out. Some say Goldeneye was the true birth of Deathmatch game types. What made this game unique is how much your weapon mattered. Everyone wanted to race to the point in which the Golden Gun would be. Why? Because running around with a gun that only took one shot to kill was awesome and nothing on this planet could make a player feel cooler than being the guy with the golden gun.

What made that even cooler was the fact that any player on the map would end up doing anything it took to get the gun away from the one holding it. Somehow alliances were always forged just based off of knowing the importance of eliminating the guy with the golden gun. This is where multiplayer was really given its name and a game that defiantly pushed multiplayer into its modern popularity.

Mario Kart

best multiplayer games mario kart

Last but not least, one of the best multiplayer games of all time would have to be Mario Kart. Not limiting ourselves to just one installment to this fantastic series, Mario Kart has everything it needs to be the best multiplayer game in history for every console release since the SNES. That’s right, it is believed that Mario Kart has had the perfect multiplayer formula for so long that is cannot be stopped, not even by the powerhouse modern multiplayer games like Call of Duty.

Not only does the game multiplayer provide a lot of laughs but it has grown with gaming in the most magnificent way. While you can always have a blast split screen playing with your friends at home, more modern Mario Kart games allow you to play with any frond from around the world just like other modern games do. This game is simple but oh so fun for everyone in the family. This is a game that is unintimidating that is for everyone. Mario Kart is light hearted with a competitive twist with familiar characters most every gamer enjoys. When it comes to the best multiplayer games, you can’t get away with disagreeing the Mario Kart takes the crown.

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