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New Assassins Creed Movie Trailer Respects the Video Game Franchise

Assassins Creed Movie Trailer

The brand new Assassins Creed movie trailer has fans of the ever popular video game series on the edge of their seats. With the somewhat disappointing relationship video games have had with their film counterparts, the Assassins Creed movie trailer is prepped and ready to change the unfortunate stereotype.

With all the running, jumping, fighting and action you would expect from an Assassins Creed video game, the Assassins Creed movie has it all. One would fear that the film adaptation to this popular game series would leave fans disappointed but this trailer defiantly proves to differ. Check out the newly released Assassins Creed movie trailer below to feast your eyes on some of the amazing scenes set out for the December 21st film release.

Assassins Creed Movie Trailer – First Look

This is your first look into the world of Assassins Creed on the big screen. Like stated before, video games and film adaptation of them of vice versa haven’t been the most respected forms of entertainment. This time Ubisoft teamed with 20th Century Fox seems to be taking the collaboration much more seriously. It looks like gamers might finally get to say there is a worthy film out there in honor of their favorite pass time. However, only time will tell if the greatness witnessed from this trailer will truly captivate fans of the franchise.

Fan have high hopes for this film. At very least there needs to be a 30 second long scene hiding in a stack of hay… right? In all seriousness, the trailer proves that effort has gone into making this film a smash hit for not only gamers but film junkies alike. Maybe Assassins Creed can become more than just one of the world’s leading video game franchises with this one. You’ll be able to take a trip back in time with the Assassins Creed film in December of 2016!

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