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Kelly Osbourne on The View – Things Got Unintentionally Heated

Kelly Osbourne on the view

Things happened when the show of Kelly Osbourne on The View hit air. This celebrity shared her thoughts on Donald Trumps opinion on immigration. As we all know, Tump has been under fire for quite some time due to his loud racial opinions.

Kelly Osbourne on The View took the matter into her own hands when she stated, ““If you kick every Latino out of the country, then who is going to clean your toilet, Donald Trump?”

Not only did many viewers find her thoughts equally as offensive but the show heated up when other chair women jumped in to attack her. Now, folks are talking about how Kelly’s statement got taken out of context.

Kelly Osbourne on The View – The Misunderstanding Explained

Now we know that Kelly Osbourne on The View is a trending topic but not for the reasons you would think. It is known that Kelly and the other ladies of The View are in good standing. Woopi Goldberg explains just what Kelly was intending to say when they spoke about the topic early Wednesday.

“The point she was trying to make is that Trump’s stance on immigration will only hurt the people he’s counting on,” said Goldberg. “You try to get your point in, and you try to hit it, and you sometimes step in dog doo. … Your head works faster than your mouth, it happens.”

It wasn’t long before Kelly Osbourne on The View got out to more celebs who made comments. Her long term friend Raven-Symoné jumped in to defend her. Kelly also received a public apology from Rosie Perez for their heated argument.

After all was said and done the fire focusing on Kelly Osbourne on The View got extinguished quickly. Now, all is good and well between Kelly and The View as well as many of her formerly angered fans.

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