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Controversial New Umbrella Corps Trailer Brings More Fragmented Opinions

new umbrella corps trailer

In the age of the internet, it is more common than not for negative opinions to shine through comments. The new Umbrella Corps trailer isn’t immune to the horrible internet trend. While the trailer definitely highlights the third-person shooter action set in the Resident Evil universe, fans are split on their excitement towards the game.

In the video you see a chaotic Raccoon City. Players are in teams battling over biological samples all while zombies attack. This is some really interesting madness as the zombies attack both teams all while they attack each other. That is diffidently enough to keep excitement at a high. With that being said why are funs so split on the action?

Watch the new Umbrella Corps trailer below if you haven’t seen it already. Capcom has put a lot of focused on making this game all it can be but that isn’t enough to satisfy all Resident Evil fans. In the video you can see a slew of interesting gameplay modes including the popular 3-0n-3 mode. There are unique ways to play and high-paced action but it’s still not enough to quench the thirst of Resident Evil fans.

New Umbrella Corps Trailer

The new trailer might seem cool as a standalone game but what players are really upset about is its lack of devotion to the Resident Evil franchise. Players are upset about the shooter action compared to what they have grown to love about the series. It is important to remember that this game is merely a game set in the same Universe of Resident Evil but some are arguing that they are using that universe to promote the sales of Umbrella Corps; an otherwise mediocre seeming game.

Fans were really hoping for a Resident Evil 2 or 3 remake all while Capcom focused their attention on bringing this PS4 and PC game to life. Capcom is trying to appeal to Resident Evil fans with this one and in all honesty it’s the Resident Evil fans who are displeased with Umbrella Corps direction. There are some opened minded people out there that are looking forward to what may come of this title while the rest are saddened by the idea there beloved franchise has spawn off to. Lucky for gamers, just because Umbrella Corps is releasing doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole lot more in store for Resident Evil in the near future.

It is easy to argue that Umbrella Corps June 21st release is just there to prep the players for more Resident Evil related fun after the big E3 expo on June 14th-16th. The game had been delayed from its original May release date pushing the title closer to the potential upcoming announcements. While fans have defiantly been waiting to get a remake of one of the great classics, the Umbrella Corps release might just be prepping us for a Resident Evil 7 announcement.

Weather that is good new or not compared to the direction of this spin off and opinions towards Resident Evil 6 is entirely up to you. Hopefully Umbrella Corps will end up being a load of fun for the opened-minded folks out there while the rest of us wait for the probable announcements regarding the series in the near future.

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