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Simpsons Big Bang Theory Tribute Opening Video – Couch Gag Parody

The Simpsons Big Bang Theory Couch Gag

The Simpsons Big Bang Theory couch gag video has the TV world talking. While it is not uncommon for the Simpsons to poke fun at anything and everything, it was a delight to see two fan favorite shows collide in this tribute parody. This parody was made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the shows debut.

The Simpsons Big Bang Theory gag focuses on the memorable Barenaked Ladies song. The Simpsons opening goes on to show classic scenes from across the shows long-time run. The parody is complete with Simpsons related lyrics which are suited to bring a smile to any fans face.
If you have yet to see the Simpsons Big Bang Theory’s tribute couch gag opening check it out in the video below. After its air date, the video released online for all to enjoy.

Simpsons Big Bang Theory Couch Gag Parody

The Simpsons is nothing sort of impressive. It’s remained groundbreaking and relevant as the longest-running scripted series in Television history. The Simpsons continue to impress us with their light-hearted parody including the one seen above. Its tributes like this that remind us why we fell in love with the Simpsons and help new generations find the love in the animated comedy as well.

The Simpsons Big Bang Theory tribute is just one of the many recent reasons why the Simpsons remain significant in our hearts today. We hope to see even more parodies like this in the near future. Remember to tune into the Simpsons for your fix on funny when it airs. Also, capture the laughs on your at home DVR.

Nothing beats a good laugh with Homer or a snarky comment from Bart. It’s no wonder why the Simpsons are one of the most wildly recognized entertainment icons in the world. Maybe this tribute will turn more attention to the already popular Big Bang Theory as well.

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