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Who Did Negan Kill – The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Discussion

who did negan kill The Walking Dead Season 6

The question you’ll hear more than once today; who did Negan kill on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. The answer to that question will remain a mystery for quite some time. With that being said there are some solid evidence pointing to Negan choosing specific character. This article leads a discussion with evidence on who Negan decided to kill and why. We will also journey through a discussion on why certain characters were not chosen as ‘the one’. So who did Negan kill on the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead.

Keep in mind that this article was written the day after the season finale premiered. Once season 7 is underway the truth behind who Negan killed during the episode will be revealed and some of what this article discusses may not match with the actual direction of the show.

who did negan kill Rick

Who Did Negan Kill in Season 6

Rick and Carl

First things first, neither Rick nor Carl could have been the victims of Negan’s beating. Some have argued that it was Carl based off of the conversation Negan had with the boy prior to choosing who to beat. It wasn’t Rick because, he is who is being made an example of and it wasn’t Carl because Carl was used as a threat to Rick in some of the episodes last dialog. Negan threatened to take Carls other eye and feed it to Rick if anyone dared get in the way. That threat wouldn’t hold any weight if the one being beaten was Carl.

who did negan kill glennGlenn

Glenn has a target painted on his back for a few reasons. First of all, Glenn is killed off by Negan in the comic book series. With that being said The Walking Dead show has proven to stray from the comics quite a bit. The show prides itself on being its own medium. Although based loosely on the comics, having Glenn be the one Negan kills in the comics doesn’t prove anything for the show.

With Glenn automatically acting out when he saw Maggie in that last scene, it proved that Negan had an edge and could easily get under his skin. While using presumptions like this as evidence is less than solid, it would seem less likely that Negan would choose a victim that he already had a hold over. Glenn is not totally out of hot water when it comes to who did Negan kill on that last episode because there is no real reason why it wouldn’t be him besides how fans think a character would react. Other theories claim Glenn was at the angle of the bat in the last second. But there is also no solid evidence that would make Glenn Negan’s victim. Using character presumptions and camera angles hold nothing compared to actual reasons certain characters may be done for.


Maggie is an interesting option because of a few things. First, Negan is fully aware that she is who the entire group was trying to protect. This would make her a great target because it was already proven that everyone cared deeply for her. Putting those weak assumptions aside, real evidence points that Maggie could have actually been the victim. Who did Negan kill in the season finally and could that have been Maggie? Yes and no, Maggie, or that actress who plays Maggie has a lot of things going in her career. She has multiple jobs lined up that may come in conflict with her participation on The Walking Dead. With that being said, her absence is already covered by her pregnancy and the possible complications with the baby. Negan stated, “Your taking it like a champ” while a female screamed which would indicate that Negan was not killing a female from the group.

Mihonne, Rosita and Sasha

These three ladies are the most likely to be safe from the question; who did Negan kill in the Season 6 finale. Why? Because one thing the show has walked hand in hand with the comic series is through character’s characteristics. It is not believed to be one of these characters because, like Maggie, they are female and Negan is widely known to have a no killing females rule. It would seem disappointing to the comic loving crowd to take this feared villain and have him automatically break one of his own rules/characteristics. None of these characters had much to do with the episode and it would be very off-the-wall for one of them to die. The Walking Dead doesn’t make a character death pointless. Under most every circumstance it has been emotional and taking one of their life’s so brutally right now would be more confusing than anything.


Who did Negan kill, could it have been Aaron? As stated before it could have been anyone Aaron is one of those characters that most fans aren’t really worried about. It was odd that Aaron was greatly involved with the last episode after being on the back burner for quite some time but it was also known that he had a special relationship with Maggie. Their relationship could have been enough of a reason to make him want to help save her life. However, Aaron would pack less of an emotional impact because he is relatively new to the group. With original members waiting to die it would be watered down if it were someone like Aaron. He has remained behind the curtains for so long it feels like we are still waiting for Aaron to become part of our family like the other characters have. Aaron is a character with little evidence supporting or denying his death by Negan. He was just kind of there which places him in a direct middle probability.

who did negan kill AbrahamEugene

Eugene had played a much more major role than ever before in the closing episodes of Season 6. This was one of the first episodes that fans finally heard Eugene is a survivor. He has been stepping up and making his presence very important to the group. It is things like this that make fans believe Eugene’s presence is truly in jeopardy. Eugene made a move in the Season 6 finale that would make one believe he was the victim. Did Negan kill Eugene? All evidence for the character would place him as one of the most likely characters to be killed. When Eugene gave Rick the formula to make bullets, he took his skill and passed it off to anything member of the group which creates room for him to go. Not only did he make room for his departure but he was finally accepted by the group as important, not just for his sacrifice but because he was actually one of them. There was enough emption built up around Eugene to make him a prime target for Negan in the final episode.


Daryl is the most feared character to lose because he has grown to be the fan favorite character. With a brand new show with the actors name on it and the knowledge that the actor who plays Daryl wanted to leave The Walking Dead; fans are worried sick that Daryl has finally met his maker. Would The Walking Dead take their fan favorite character and kill them before the premier of their next season, most likely not. It would not be the smartest move for the show’s popularity to kill the fan favorite character before letting him fight back but that doesn’t mean that Daryl is not who was chosen. Daryl was injured prior to the beating which was a cause for panic among fans. He would be one of the only members of the group to willingly “take it like a champ” because he is known to have less of an emotional reaction. Daryl ends up being one of the more likely candidates to of met his maker at the end of Season 6.


Last but not least comes who is believed to be the most likely person Negan targeted in the final episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Abraham was a key character in not only the last episode of the season but he was a major part of the whole season. He truly became a character with thoughts and feelings that the fan base cared about. It is characters that have a connection to the community that usually come to an end and that is where Abraham is right now. He stood up to Negan in a way when Negan was choosing who to kill. Not only would he of “taken it like a champ” because that is in his character but the female shriek would have been his new love Sasha.

Abraham was big and tough, a perfect target for someone like Negan because it would have made a point. It was Abraham who saved Daryl, Rosita and Eugene when they were compromised at Denisse death just a few episodes before the finale. He was talking about building a life a lot and finally accepted Eugene as a survivor. Abraham was also supposed to be killed in Denisse’s place as in the comic books but wasn’t for the TV show. He doesn’t have a written in place in the show as of now.

So who did Negan kill in the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead? In reality no one really knows at this point. It could end up being no on in some sort of a freak accident or something. Evidence points that the most likely candidate of Negan’s beating is Eugene, Daryl or Abraham. If really could be anyone, the actors don’t even know yet as they don’t yet have their season 7 scripts. Everything you read will be just a prediction or assumption until the Season 7 premier in fall of 2016.

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