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Top 5 Healthy Food Trends That Delight Taste Buds

healthy food trends 2016

Healthy food trends have been all the rage. There is no question why people have fallen in love with eating right. After years of neglectful eating habits people from around the world are getting very serious about healthier eating. It has become more and more common for people to search for a healthier option. Not only does eating healthy maintain a desirable figure but it also helps reduce the likelihood of serious illness.

As with fashion and entertainment, food is no stranger to seeing popular trends. This healthy food trends article highlights some of the most popular and healthiest options you might not have known about. These healthy options not only provide you with delightful nutrients but they also play a positive role in the flavor game!

5 Healthy Food Trends Everyone Should Try

Rooibos Tea

healthy food trends rooibos tea

Tea, especially green tea, is known for be super healthy and it has been that way for years. While that is true there is one tea on the shelves that gets a little less attention but is well worth a second glance. Rooibos tea is known to protect your heart. This tea is known to be good for people with high-cholesterol. Drinking multiple cups of Rooibos tea should be more than just a healthy food trend among at risk people, it should be a lifestyle. Rooibos tea significantly lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol while raising “good” HDL cholesterol. While this is known to be beneficial to those suffering from high blood pressure, it can protect those who have the problem running if their family or prevent the issue from ever arising in the future.

Vegetable Smoothie

healthy food trends veggie smoothie

Haven’t we all seen those awful looking green smoothies? Yeah, those things make even the bravest want to cringe. Well, most likely the drink we are speaking of would be a vegetable smoothie. Vegetable smoothies are among one of the most popular healthy food trends for all the right reasons. While the green color might give the smoothies a bad name they are actually quite tasty and very good for you. Adding vegetables like spinach or kale to a regular fruit smoothie kick the health benefits up a notch while the natural taste of fruit overpowers the bitterness of most veggies. If you’ve thought about giving one a shot, now is the time to take the dive and find that despite their look, veggie smoothies are actually packed full of flavor.


healthy food trends chai

Chia is packed with protein and people are going crazy for them. Not only are they packed with as much protein as some nuts but chia seeds are also heart healthy and have plant based omega-3 fat. These little seeds are uniquely easy to digest which makes them a wonderful treat to those with sensitive stomachs. Chia provides a great source of protein, fiber and alpha-linolenic acid. As Chia seeds have been around for centuries they are more commonly known for their wide presence as the hottest new-aged superfood. Chia seeds are interesting little seeds. They can be consumed in a number of different ways like ingredients in certain dishes as well as drank through popular brands like in popular brands like Mamma Chia.

Almond Milk

healthy food trends almond milk

Along with Chia, almond milk might be the most popular of the healthy food trends of modern ages. Almond milk has become the best tasting substitute for regular milk. Almond milk is the most popular alternative to milk in the plant-based category. This is such a popular choice because it tastes great but it is also packed with calcium and vitamin-D. Not only does it have similar benefits to regular cow’s milk but it has less calories. This can be used in all the same ways as cow’s milk with high benefits. There is no question why almond milk quickly grew to stand next to cow’s milk. More and more people make the delightful switch every day.

Coconut Oil

healthy food trends coconut oil

While many have found Coconut Oil to be packed full of rich flavor, this miracle oil can also be used for more reasons than most items on the healthy food trends list. Coconut oil can replace most any other oil used in recipes but provides the silky sweet taste of coconut with healthier benefits. Coconut oil is known to increase energy levels and burn more fat. The oils medium-chain triglycerides have indicated that Coconut oil provides 5% more energy based on a 24hour span which is good for long term weight loss. Not only does Coconut oil provide health benefits when consumed but rubbing the oil on dry skin or toe nail fungus have also been proven to improve the condition to near entirety. They don’t call it the world’s cheapest miracle oil for nothing.

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