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Rocket League Car Toys Launch Date Announced After Delay

Rocket League Car Toy Pull-back Racers All colors

Rocket League car toys are almost here. These pullback racing themed toys are becoming available at retailers such as GameStop and Target early this June. This news isn’t surprising since the original release date for the anticipated toys was set to launch Spring 2017.

Zag Toys and Psyonix announced that Rocket League car toys are hitting American retailers as soon as June. More stores will be added after the initial launch at GameStop and Target. There will also be more details about potential availability internationally in the near future.

Rocket League car toys are pull-back toys with their official name being, Pull-back Racers. Each car comes inside of what is called a ‘Rocket Ball’. The Rocket Ball is being used to keep the car you are getting a surprise. When you buy one of these Rocket League car toys you will not know which car you are receiving until you open it. Mystery packs are all the rage these days aren’t they?

The Pull-Back Racers are sold for just $6 dollars. The cars that are available in the first series are Hotshot, Dominus, Octane, Masamune, Backfire, X-Devil, Merc and Gorg. The cars listed are not the only ones however as there are rarer vehicles to get which are four color variants.

Rocket League Car Toys – How they Associate with the Game

Being that these toys are connected to the popular Rocket League Video Game it’s no surprise that the pull-back toys are closely associated with the title. The toys come with codes to unlock Cold Fusion Rocket Boost and ZT-17 wheels. Purchasing a Rocket League car toy is the only way to unlock these downloadable items. Don’t worry, the codes work for all platforms.

The Rocket League video game has surpassed 30 million registered players. Because of the titles overwhelming success developers, Psyonix, is in no rush to push a Rocket League 2. They don’t want their community to feel like what they are playing will become irrelevant in as little as 12 months. The development teams wants to support their growing community rather than push for a next game too quickly. The next step for the team is to send out this toy line to push the success of the first title even farther.

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