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Dating Naked Season 2 Changes Left Fans Confused

Dating Naked Season 2 changes

Dating Naked season 2 changes its course by making the once unique dating show more like every other series on air. Dating Naked season 2 premiered not long ago. Upon its premier viewers were discouraged to find that the once light-hearted show has marked up with a much more dramatic and serious tone.

The Dating Naked season 2 changes have come in a very confusing way. Now, the show focuses on two main cast members. There is one male and one female. This couple will live in a house for 10 weeks, each week they welcome in new naked daters. After they go on the date with the new comers’ it is the couple’s job to send one home.

The Dating Naked season 2 changes make this formerly unique show just like every other dating show out there. Before it was neat that the show focused on different people each week entirely. This left little room for over-the-top drama. What that did was create an audience that cared little about petty arguments and getting to actually know the cast. It was formerly a fun watch but now there seems to be strings attached.

Dating Naked Season 2 Changes Impression

The impression that these changes left were bitter sweet. It is likely that the Dating Naked season 2 changes were put to work due to low review scores and the wish to heighten the public’s interest and gain a higher view count. Prior to these changes, it was likely a person may tune into one episode while forgetting the rest. The changes may make it more likely that viewers will tune into multiple episodes but it comes at a cost.

The cost of the Dating Naked season 2 changes is that the show lost every bit of what made it unique besides the fact that the cast is entirely naked while going on these dates. Is that enough to keep fans coming back? We will find out as the show completes its airing.

Fans have no choice but to decide to sit and witness the dramatic reality show unfold or decide that the former dirty pleasure of watching the show is long gone and find something new to entertain.

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