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Finding Carter Canceled – Say Good Bye to MTV’S Teen Drama

Finding Carter canceled

Finding Carter canceled after just 2 season of air time. It has been confirmed that the hit MTV teen drama about a girl who was abducted at a young age by what she had believed to be as her mother will not be returning for a third season.

The actor who played Grant on the show, Zac Pullam, confirmed the Finding Carter canceled suspicions via Twitter last week. The Tweet from the fan favorite character states, “Sad to say it but if you didn’t already know, Finding Carter won’t be returning for a season 3.”

In a Tweet that was made on January 29th 2016, fans got final confirmation that the show would not be scheduled to air for a season 3. After the tweet went live an MTV spokesperson made the final confirmation about the Finding Carter canceled news.

Finding Carter Canceled – The Numbers and View Count

This show made its debut on MTV in the summer of 2014. The second season of the show had a grand total of 36 episodes which is relatively vast. The first season aired with a healthy 1.14 million same-day viewers but by the time the second seasons 36 episodes aired the number was nearly cut in half at just 720,000 same-day views. The drop in views definitely reflect on the news that Finding Carter has been canceled.

This show had an insanely interesting premise but it was often reflected that the show was slow compared to what an exciting idea it was based after. Some fans feel that the cancelation news hit before the show was given a fair chance while others were no longer willing to watch such an idea go to waste.

Unfortunately, all of you fans hopping for a Finding Carter season 3 will be let down. Hopefully all involved with this show will find new exciting opportunities in the advancement of their career.

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