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Top 5 Walking Dead Characters That Held up the Show Entirely

The Walking Dead Characters

The Walking Dead characters are some of the most unique people you will ever watch. The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows of all time. With that being said The Walking Dead won’t be a show at all without amazing characters. These characters come and go but above all they are unique and so real seeming. One of the things that make the Walking Dead characters so amazing is their ability to adapt to one of the worse situations you could imagine yourself in.

It is hard to choose a favorite out of the cast of The Walking Dead characters. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Instead of choosing a favorite, why not pick out the ones that make The Walking Dead the amazing show that it is today. Without these Walking Dead characters the show wouldn’t quite be a show at all.

Top 5 Walking Dead Characters That Brought the Show to the Top

Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Characters Rick Grimes

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first and foremost. Rick Grimes is one of the most amazing Walking Dead characters on the show for many reasons. Since the beginning of the show viewers have witnessed some true growth of the character. Rick is the prime example of what living in the post-apocalyptic world can do to a person. You watch as this good guy cop turns into a hard walker killing machine. From the beginning his heart got in the way of living and toward the end (or where we are now) he hardly has a heart at all. Putting all spoilers aside, you watch as those he cares about affects him and how they each affect him in such amazing ways. Rick Grimes is a character that will go down in television history and there’s no getting around that.


The Walking Dead Characters Hershel

Hershel played such a major part in the show. Not only was he the icon of the peace at the farm but he was the strength and level head that the group relied on. He wasn’t the seasoned pro at surviving like some of the other characters were but his survival skills were of a different kind. In growing food and aiding in health care Hershel was one of the most important characters early on. The group wouldn’t have made it half as far as they did without the help of Hershel. His understanding and positive attitude stayed with him and that’s what makes him one of the most important Walking Dead characters that was ever to appear on the show.


The Walking Dead Characters Carol

From what started as a meek and abused woman turned full on warrior of the walkers. Carol was one of the least expected Walking Dead characters to stick to the audience. In the beginning she was so mere it was a wonder if most even noticed she was there. After major events Carol blossomed into a savior of sorts. She grew into the person she always dreamed of being. Carol’s backstory is remarkable especially in the way that it propels her into the future. She is the unexpected fan favorite character that has saved the group in ways that no one will ever repay and yet she keeps her same quiet caring attitude towards those she loves. Carol is a true surprise but a very pleasant one.

The Governor

The Walking Dead Characters The Governor

The Walking Dead characters wouldn’t be a renowned cast without one heck of a good villain. In the earlier seasons the governor was the picture perfect example of what it meant to be the ultimate villain. From his creepy desires to his selfish motives he was truly dangerous in all the right ways. It’s rare to come across a character like the governor; you can’t say you like him because he’s so darn bad but gosh you can’t help but love him. He’s a deranged man in a world of monsters. There might never be a villain on The Walking Dead that makes as much of an impact as the governor did.

Darrel Dixon

The Walking Dead Characters Darrel Dixon

Darrel is perfect and there’s no better way to put it. He is a bad ass with a sweet heart. When there is someone he loves or cares about he will be there in all loyalty. It’s funny because from looking at him you’d automatically judge him different. It’s easy to look at him and think of him how his brother was but Darrel is his own man and marches to the beat of his own drum. When there’s something that needs to get done its Darrel that will be there to aid. It’s easy to say Darrel Dixon is one of if not the fan favorite of the Walking Dead characters.

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