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E3 2016 Dead Rising News Gets Hyped – What you Should Know

E3 2016 Dead Rising - Dead Rising 4

The rumors about an E3 2016 Dead Rising title announcement have been circulating for some time now. Well, the rumors might actually have some truth to them as backup confirmation has surfaced. Releasing just prior to the famed E3 week, poster featuring the Dead Rising logo as well as fan favorite character, Frank West, have surfaced.

The posters provide a very interesting look at the game. This has fans anticipating a big E3 2016 Dead Rising announcement we are just unsure of how that announcement will come through. The images below show off exactly what was seen of the new Dead Rising title. View the original source of the rumors at This Gen Gaming.

E3 2016 Dead Rising Poster / Picture

E3 2016 Dead Rising - Dead Rising 4

As you can see we have a man standing in a snowy location in one of these released photos. The location we are seeing in the leak is said to be Willamette, Colorado. This is where the first Dead Rising game took place. Not only is the location confirmed but the series lead looks to be Frank West, and not in his has-been form. This is very exciting news and a great turn for the series.
So far it is unclear of the game might be in connection to some sort of a remake of the first Dead Rising title. The poster does read Dead Rising 4 which seems like a next installment of the series.

An interesting point to make about the probable E3 2016 Dead Rising announcement is that Dead Rising 3 remained a Microsoft exclusive title leaving players on Xbox One to get the game first and PC player to later acquire the title. Dead Rising isn’t a stranger to showing favoritism with Microsoft so when the E3 2016 Dead Rising announcement goes live it is expected to be at the Microsoft E3 2016 Briefing on June 13th.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more E3 2016 Dead Rising news to drop within the coming days. The Microsoft E3 2016 briefing is scheduled for Monday, June 13, starting at 9:30 AM PST. Don’t miss the live stream for all the latest news on Xbox.

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