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The Witcher Live Action Series Supported by CD Projekt Red and it’s not the Film

The Witcher Live Action

Recent rumors suggest that there may be more to The Witcher live action news than the film set to release in 2017. A popular casting network, LA Casting, has indicated that CD Project Red is behind something big and it is The Witcher related.

A production company by the name of Petrol Advertising is linked to a casting call for The Witcher live action actors and it does not seem to be in conjunction with the film that was previously announced. Petrol Advertising is a company that is known for their work on video game advertisements. These are the guys that are behind many video game commercials you see as well as giant video game and other entertainment posters you might see on billboards and buildings. Some of their other clients and past work include Activision and EA.

The Witcher Live Action Casting Details

The casting call posted on LA Casting was looking for a variety of different characters, most by the names of popular The Witcher Characters. While they claim to have the need to keep the project under wraps there was key information that lead one to believe that there will be more to The Witcher live action treatment than the film. The casting details needing non-union actors to play key roles making it easy to assume the project may be a web series or commercial.

The casting is described as Gwent sits at a table in a game of “initial simplicity and ultimate depth”. Other characters set to be in The Witcher live action segment are Ciri, Triss Merigold, Yennefer and Geralt. Each character is described as to how they are exactly in the game as well as some aspects of the novels. Each of the characters started above will have the same pay rate as each other. Where the more interesting aspect comes into play of two roles, a male and female gamer each with a significantly higher pay rate. This might be making them more than likely the center of attention rather than the well-known and beloved characters. The news leads one to believe the casting may be focusing in on a commercial for potential unannounced content.

The casting audition dates were scheduled for January 13th and the day the production company will being shooting the content is set for January 28th 2016. It is unknown exactly what we will be witnessing but it is known that it will be The Witcher live action content that is less than likely to be a film (due to film dates, pay ranges and union affiliation) and may be set to advertise in-game content or a separate live action series.

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