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Top 5 Xbox 360 Games that Should Stay Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 games

Backwards compatibility has brought Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One. Fans have raved about the compatibility options and new games are added to the availability list often. Now a lot of Xbox 360 games can be enjoyed on Xbox One. While this is defiantly a nice addition to Microsoft next gen gaming console there are some titled that are better left in the past. Here is a list of 5 Xbox 360 games that would be better left at the last gen console.

These 5 games have been added to the list for very different reasons. Some of these Xbox 360 games were AAA titles while others were odd and unsatisfying. The Xbox 360 has marked its spot in history as one of the fan favorite video game consoles ever released. Even with such love around the console itself not all of its exclusive games provide gamers with the same joy. Check out this list of Xbox 360 games that should remain just Xbox 360 games.

Check out a great list via IGN that details all of the current backwards compatible games.

5 Xbox 360 Games Best To Stay That Way

Gears of War Judgment

Xbox 360 Games Gears of War Jugment

Gears of War Judgment wasn’t a bad game by any means. The game was actually pretty fun, especially the multiplayer mode. The problem with Gears of War Judgment is that it was very unfitting in the Gears of War series. Compared to other games in the series, Gers of War Judgement fell far short. This game seemed like a rushed spinoff compared to the main series and players didn’t take kindly to that. It had a story that was of mild interest but the game had trouble connecting with the large audience that the rest of the series was able to connect with. Again, Gears of War Judgment was not a bad game but it still did not compliment the Gears of War as a series. While all Gears of War games have been promised to be backwards compatible Gears of War Judgment may be better left as a memory.

Beautiful Katamari

Xbox 360 Games Beautiful Katamari

This game was originally slated to be released for more than just Xbox 360 however the release of Katamari Fever pushed this title to be an Xbox 360 exclusive game. Anyway this game was actually very unique. It tasks players to roll around a ball that collected stuff in your path. This game was again not a bad game it was just incredibly repetitive and unengaging to a massive audience. It was hard to stay connected to the game. If this title were to release now it would probably end up being a mobile game. Beautiful Katamari had its own style that was actually respected but there is no way this title would stand up against modern games without being compared to what players have sitting in the palm of their hand every day; a cell phone. It would be wonderful to see a game in this series redesigned for mobile devices but never again do we need to see in on a home video game console.

Halo 4

Xbox 360 Games Halo 4

It is more than likely that Halo 4 will end up on the backwards compatible list. Halo is one of the leading IP’s that makes Xbox unique to its competitors. Well Halo 4 was the start of something somewhat ugly for the Halo series. This game was the first in the series that left diehard fans feeling somewhat disappointed. To leave spoilers aside, Halo 3 ended perfectly. There was a satisfaction there that left fans feeling whole. When Halo 4 was announced it felt happy but it also felt like Xbox was hanging onto a game that needed some resting time. Halo 5 released for Xbox One with the same exact feeling. Things seems like they are being milked out with the series and that is disappointing to fans that have loved the game from the start of the series. Halo 4 will at some point be a big announcement for backwards compatible Xbox 360 games however putting the Halo series to rest for a few years and bringing it back in a big way would be all the more satisfying.

Rumble Roses XX

Xbox 360 Games Rumble Roses XX

If you haven’t played Rumble Roses XX than you probably don’t want to give it a try now. This game was added to the list because it really has no place in modern gaming. With females taking huge roles in leading AAA games its games like Rumble Roses XX that used to give females in gaming a bad name. This game pretty much focuses on hot girls rustling in tiny outfits. It sounds all good and well until the lack of engaging story and unlock system get in the way of any kind of enjoyment. No wonder a sequel never saw daylight. This game would not be able to stand up in modern society and for that it will probably never see the light of day outside of being an Xbox 360 game ever. It is predicted that Rumble Roses XX will remain stuck in the past.

Kinect Sports

Xbox 360 Games kinect sports

The Kinect could be argued to be a bigger gimmick than the Wii. This was an assessor that Microsoft relied too heavily on that not all gamers liked. It can be argued that Xbox One’s announcement in conjunction to still relying on the Kinect pushed the PS4 ahead this console generation. Anyway the last thing players would be excited about would be bringing Kinect Xbox 360 games back from the dead. While gamers would probably much rather see Kinect Xbox 360 games return via backwards compatibility than new games releasing for the hardware we still do not need them in our life. With Virtual Reality making a huge impact on the gaming industry games like Kinect Sports and Dance Central will most likely be a thing of the past anyway.

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