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Yooka Laylee Trailer Makes N64 Players Smile – E3 2016

yooka laylee trailer

There’s nothing like reining in E3 with fantastic announcements and reveals. Nothing at the upcoming event could possibly compare to the joy you feel when watching the new Yooka Laylee trailer. Fans of Rare LTD in the 90s or Rare Ware if you will are jumping up for joy at the site of Playtonic Games upcoming title Yooka Laylee.

If you didn’t believe this game could possibly give you the same light-hearted feeling as Banjo Kazooie then maybe the new Yooka Laylee trailer will prove you wrong. This game has all the flashy colors, cool characters, fun challenges and even catchy tunes to make anyone longing for a game like this smile from ear to ear.

It is a very rare (pun intended) occupancy to see a game come out with a trailer like this and have it be supported like this one is. Gamers are genuinely excited for this game. It looks like Playtonic is finally a company that listen to fans and made a game we have been asking for. Take a look at the Yooka Laylee trailer below to have it blow your mind as much as it has ours.

Yooka Laylee Trailer

True fans of 90s games will all get goose bumps for watching that. It looks like Banjo Kazooie has a worthy spiritual processor. The glory of this game is that fans of the 90s classics that have moved onto other consoles will all get to experience Yooka Laylee as the game will be releasing on all major consoles. The new Yooka Laylee trailer also revealed that we can start expecting the game to release in quarter 1 of 2017.

Let this game be the joy it is intended to be. We are witnessing wishing coming true in the most appreciated way. Playtonic Games, we have a lot of respect for you. This is the game your fans were hopping you would produce. It feels like a blessing to see this happening in an industry of greed. Thank you sincerely for your efforts in producing new memories like the ones we foresee with Yooka Laylee!

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